1790 - Congress passes Indian Non-Intercourse Act

        Henry Knox, the Secretary of War, and George Washington, write the first Indian Non-Intercourse Act.  This act formally established the exclusive relationship between federal government and the tribes, including federal control over bargaining in Indian lands (the same right claimed by King George III twenty-seven years earlier, a claim that contributed significantly to instigating the War of Independence). (click here for more on the non-intercourse act)

Indian Non Intercourse 1790

        This, combined with the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 committed the central government to protecting Indian lands, a policy that was undone and destroyed by Thomas Jefferson's compact with Georgia, in 1802, and Andrew Jackson's removal policy a generation later.

  • Jan. 20 - Congress asks Alexander Hamilton to come up with a general plan for the disposition of the public domain…he produced a report in July of that year.
  •  Delaware, Shawnees, and their Ottawa allies rout General Harmar's force near present day Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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