Government and Tribal information resources

Government agencies, archives, tribal and state governments       

The following institutions, agencies, and websites comprise a partial list of sources for primary and secondary research materials.  It is by no means complete, but these are good places to start with any research project, or simply gather more information than we could provide here.


United States Government


Bureau of Indian Affairs


Bureau of Land Management


Department of the Interior


Fort Laramie National Historic Site


Library of Congress

(LOC's American Memory Collection)


National Archives


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Tribal Governments

Apache (Yavapai)

Apache (Chiricahua)

Arapaho (Northern)

Anishinabeg (Ojibwe) Nation

Blackfeet Nation

Cherokee Nation (Eastern Band)

Chickasaw Nation

Choctaw Nation

Cheyenne (Northern) Nation

Chippewa Nation

(See Anishinabe)

Comanche Nation

Creek Nation

Crow Nation

Delaware Nation

Fort Mojave Nation

Gros Ventre Nation

Hopi Nation

Hunkpapa Sioux

Kiowa Nation

Lakota Sioux (Cheyenne River)

Lower Brule Sioux

Menominee Nation

Mohawk Nation

Navajo Nation

Nez Perce

Oglala Sioux

Oneida Nations

Ojibwe Nation

(See Anishinabe)

Pawnee Nation

Pequot Nation

Ponca Nation

Potawatomi Nation

Salish and Kootenai (confederated)

Sauk and Fox

Seminole Nation

Snohomish (Tulalip Tribes)

Teton Sioux

Three Affiliated Tribes (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara)

Umatilla Nation

Western Shoshone

Yankton Sioux



Institutions, battlefields, museums, heritage centers


Big Hole National Battlefield (Monument)


Buffalo Bill Historical Center


Custer Battlefield Trading Post


Fort Benton Museum


Fort Buford State Historic Site


Fort Laramie National Monument


Fort Abraham Lincoln


Fort Union National Monument


Joslyn Museum (Omaha, Nebraska)


Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site


Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument


Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center


Midwest Jesuit Archives


North Dakota Heritage Center


Oregon Trail Interpretive Center


Peabody Museum


Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site


Smithsonian Institution


Theodore Roosevelt National Park


Washita Battlefield National Historic Site