1881 - Jackson publishes A Century of Dishonor

        Helen Hunt Jackson (a friend of Emily Dickenson) documented the systematic violations of Indian treaties by the federal govt., states, settlers, miners, and corporations, for the first century of the republic.

         A century after the publication of Jackson's book, the American Indian Policy Review Commission found in 1979 that very little had changed, and some aspects of life in Indian Country had actually gotten worse.  Their conclusion: one century of dishonor had grown into two centuries of dishonor: 'It was a different kind of horror story that is revealed, but equally horrifying as an example of injustice and contempt for the law, and the federal government's continuing failure to protect tribal rights as political entities with lawful, semi-autonomous governments."

        It seemed that the dark predictions made by George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Chief Justice John Marshall, had come to pass.