1781 - British Surrender at Yorktown

Lord Cornwallis was so mortified that he had lost the war to the colonists that he refused to attend the surrender ceremony at Yorktown.

      A year of great challenges and consequences.  Benedict Arnold, the famous traitor, sacked Richmond, but the colonists were victorious at the battle of Cowpens, in South Carolina.  French General Lafayette attacked Cornwallis but was repulsed near Green Springs, Virginia.


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      Count de Grasse arrived in the Chesapeake with the French fleet, completely blocking water routes for retreat.  Washington and Rochambeau lay siege to the British forces in Yorktown, Virginia, and on October 19, Cornwallis surrendered with 'Articles of Capitulation.' 

      Lord Cornwallis was so mortified by the defeat that he refused to attend the ceremony of surrender.




                                                              The British surrender at Yorktown.