1850 - Events of the day

Daniel Webster delivering a speech in Congress
  • Henry Clay introduced legislation to resolve the slavery issue between North and South, and Daniel Webster attacked the abolitionists in debating the compromise.
  • John C. Calhoon died in Washington at the age of 68, and President Taylor died in office and was succeeded by Millard Fillmore.
  • The population of the U.S. was 23 million, and the estimated national wealth was $7.1 billion.
  • New Mexico and Utah were admitted as territories.
  • 369,000 immigrants arrived in New York from Europe.
  • Chicago passed a resolution nullifying the fugitive slave law.
  • Brigham Young was named territorial governor of Utah.
  • The new National Road was completed, connecting Illinois to the eastern seaboard.
  • In December, Congress approved D.D. Mitchell's request for funding for the treaty council at Horse Creek.