Raymond Chavez, Producer

Raymond Chavez is the Producer and Segment Director for the film as well as contributing to the development and production of interactive multimedia content and programs for the project website. Raymond Chavez is an award winning documentary film and multimedia program writer, director and producer. He has produced and directed documentary films over the past 15 years for Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, PBS Frontline, and TBS. He has collaborated with Paul VanDevelder on other film projects including as producer and director of the documentary film, Journey To Medicine Wheel, winner of Best Feature Documentary at the American Indian Film Festival.  Raymond Chavez is currently producer and co-curator of the Eye on Earth Summit and Exhibition, a bi-annual global multimedia live event and exhibition produced in association with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), National Geographic Society and the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi. Mr. Chavez holds an MLA degree from Harvard University and studied filmmaking at New York University Graduate Film School.