Glenn Sloan

Garrison dam, the first dam built under the Pick-Sloan Plan.
(1888 - 1987)

Engineer, inventor


          The Billings, Montana based Bureau of Reclamation engineer who was working on a master plan to control flooding on the Missouri River when the three spring floods inundated the mid-west in 1943.  Sloan's plan, called for controlling the Missouri River flooding by building 100 smaller reservoirs on tributaries.  This would allow for greater flexibility than large impoundments on the mainstem of the river, and provide wide-spread distribution of irrigation water over the 1 million square mile basin.  Sloan's plan was championed by Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes.  In the end, this scheme became the second (and unbuilt) junior half of the Pick-Sloan Plan.  Click here for a profile of Glenn Sloan