1800 - France reclaims Louisiana from Spain

         Spain and France ratify the secret treaty of San Ildefonso in October, transfering Louisiana back to France after Spain held it in 'safe keeping' following the French and Indian War to prevent England from seizing commercial rights to the Mississippi.  Joseph Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon, struck the deal with Spain.

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         France was now able to recover its vastness holdings in the New World.  Napoleon, the geo-political mastermind of the 19th century, had plans to reshape the world.  First, he would move France's territories on the larger game board into a position that would help him bring Europe to armistice that would fulfill his dream of a unified Europe.

 Also, the U.S must be appeased or it would be driven into an unholy alliance with England, so Napoleon put the diplomatic machinery to work by secretly demanding a return of Louisiana from Spain, and that transfer was effected without England or the United States being any the wiser.