1876 - June 25, Battle of the Little Bighorn

        On a hot afternoon in late June, Colonel George Armstrong Custer ignored the advice of his Crow and Arikara scouts and led his command of the 7th Cavalry into extinction in a battle against Indian warriors led by Sitting Bull, Gall, and Crazy Horse, in what the Indians would call "the battle of the Greasy Grass." 

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          The Sioux leader, Sitting Bull, later said that the battle lasted "...no longer than it takes for a man to eat a meal," but no battle in history has been more carefully studied and written about. More than a century later, this is still the most enigmatic encounter between whites and Indians in the nation's history, and a lasting symbol of Indian resistance to being vanquished by the white man's civilization.  The picture shown here is a depiction of the battle by an Indian warrior named Kicking Bear.