1825 - William Clark appeals to secretary of war

       In a letter to the Secretary of War, James Barbour, William Clark wrote on behalf of the Indian tribes being forced off their lands: "The relative condition of the United States on the one side, and the Indian tribes on the other, has been changed by the war of 1812.  Before, the tribes nearest our settlements were a formidable and terrible enemy; since then, their power has been broken, their warlike spirit subdued, and themselves sunk into objects of pity and commiseration.  While strong and hostile, it has been our obvious policy to weaken them; now that they are weak and harmless, and most of their lands fallen into our hands, justice and humanity require us to cherish and befriend them." 

         Clark urged that "the tribes now within the limits of the States and territories should be removed to the trans - Mississippi country "where they could rest in peace."  Removal had become the federal government's the defacto policy.


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